What to do when you accidentally delete your emails in FastMail

If you acciendentally delete any of your important emails, do not worry, follow these instruction below to recover them.

Recover deleted emails from your Trash

First of all, check your Trash folder. Deleting a message, in most cases, simply moves it to Trash.

If there are a lot messages in your Trash folder, you can search for the message you're looking for. You can also sort them by date of deletion to quickly find a message you just deleted, even if the message itself is quite old.

Click the Undelete button to restore the messages in the conversation to their previous folder (before they were deleted to Trash).

Recover deleted emails from FastMail's backup

If the message has been permanently deleted from Trash, you can may still be able to restore it from FastMail's backup. They keep backups of deleted email for one week. After that, it's gone forever.

To restore from Backup, go to the Settings → Restore from Backup screen. Read the the notes, and click the button to begin the restore process. Depending on the size of your account, it might take a few minutes or many hours. You will get an email when it is complete.

Be sure to carefully read the email that is sent to you. The restored emails are placed into temporary folders that are deleted after a week. You must copy any email you want to keep from the temporary folder(s) to a standard folder.

Note: Message flags are not preserved for restored messages. This means that the restored messages will all appear as unread.