Use FastMail's Address Book

The Adress Book is where all your Contacts are stored. In Address Book, you can search for, and manage your contacts.

Search for a contact

To find a particular contact, you can use the search functionality. It is accessible in the menu bar, or via the / shortcut.

You can search bycontact names or other details, such as: email addresses, phone numbers, online contact (website, Skype handle, Twitter handle, etc), notes, nickname, company, title. Searching isn't case sensitive (uppercase letter is the same as lowercase, ex: searching for a matches a and A).

Searching provides immediate feedback, with all contacts who match being shown instantly, narrowing down the results as you continue to type.

If you have:

Bloggs, Jim
Bloggs, Joe
Bloggs, Mary

and you search for j, then Jim Bloggs and Joe Bloggs will be shown. If you keep typing and search for jo, then just Joe Bloggs will match.

Sort your Address Book

Change how your address book displays using the sorting selector. This lets you choose whether your contacts are shown ordered by first name, or last name, or company name.

If you sort by last name, your contacts will be shown as <last name> <first name>. If you sort by first name or by company, your contacts will be shown as <first name> <last name>.

Pin a contact

You can pin important and frequently used contacts at the top of you Address Book. To pin a contact, click the pin icon in the address book list.

To display all pinned contacts at the top, toggle the pin display mode.

Auto-save new contacts

In FastMail, you can automatically save email addresses to your address book as contacts, any time you email someone new.

Go to Settings → Mail Preferences, under the Writing section, toggle the Auto-save contacts option.