Share your calendar in FastMail

Share your calendar


Public calendar URLs can be used to share the information in one of your calendars with someone else, even if they use a different calendar system. There are two different URLs you can choose to share: one links to the full details of each event in the calendar; the other only reveals the times you are busy, but does not contain any information about the events themselves.

To enable the public URL for a calendar in your account:

  1. Open Settings → Calendars.
  2. Find the calendar in the list and click Edit & Share.
  3. Tick the checkbox to enable full event and/or free-busy sharing. A URL will be shown: copy this URL and give it to the people you wish to share your calendar data with. The URL becomes active as soon as you click Save Changes. You can deactivate it anytime you want.

If the URL gets shared with someone who shouldn't have it, you can use the Reset URL button to change to a new unguessable URL.

Add someone else's calendar

To add a public calendar URL that someone has shared with you to your account:

  1. Open Settings → Calendars.
  2. At the bottom, select Subscribe to a public calendar.
  3. Paste the Calendar's URL you were given into the text box that appears.
  4. Choose a colour and give the calendar a name.
  5. Click Create Calendar.

Official public holiday calendars

FastMail have a list of popular public calendars for holidays that you can use.


  • ACT:
  • Queensland:
  • South Australia:
  • Victoria:

(Other states do not appear to publish an official ICS calendar of their public holidays).


  • Vienna holidays:

Russian Federation

  • Russian holidays:

United Kingdom

  • England and Wales:
  • Scotland:
  • Northern Ireland:

United States

  • Federal Holidays: