Set up email forwarding in FastMail

To forward all email when it arrives

(excluding any email explicitly caught by discard rules, or categorised as spam)

  1. Open Settings → Rules.
  2. Click New Rule on the toolbar at the top.
  3. In the Conditions section, click The sender's email and change this to All messages.
  4. In the Action section, select Send a copy and enter the email address you want to forward to. To target multiple addresses (for example, an external primary and a Gmail for backup), separate the addresses with a comma.
  5. Click Save in the toolbar at the top.

Rules also let you only forward messages that match certain criteria.

Alias forwarding

If you just want to forward all mail sent to a particular alias, you can do this by directly setting the target of the alias to the address you wish to forward to.

The main differences between this approach and using a rule are:

  • The alias forwarding is only possible on an alias, not email sent to your main account name. If you want to forward email sent to your main account name, you have to use the Settings → Rules screen.
  • The alias forwarding is unconditional. There's no way to only forward emails that only meet a particular criteria; all messages are always forwarded.
  • The alias forwarding occurs before any of the rules run. This means all messages sent to the alias will be forwarded, before any virus checking, spam checking or rules apply.
  • The default rules provide backscatter and spam filtering (including whitelisting). Since these features will be bypassed, your "raw" email which is received at FastMail will be copied without filtering to the target. You may view this as good or bad.