Set up an alias in FastMail

What is an alias?

An alias is an additional email address you can create that will also deliver to your Inbox.

Aliases allow you to have different email addresses which all deliver to your one FastMail account, without needing to buy multiple accounts. This can help you to sort email. For example, you might want to have a address for sales inquiries, and a address for news inquiries.

A distribution list is a type of alias, where the target is a group in your address book. Any message sent to the alias is forwarded on to all members of the group. This makes it easier to manage an address such as that needs to be distributed to a group of people. Distribution lists are intended to be for internal use only.

Note: Only administrators for an account can configure aliases. Aliases cannot be used as your username when you log in; you must always use the full account username.

To create an alias

  1. Open Settings → Aliases. Log in to your account if necessary
  2. You'll see a table with any current aliases you have. Use the New Alias button to add a new entry.

To disable an alias

You can disable an alias by selecting Reject (bounce) all mail to this address in the Restrict senders section of the alias, then clicking Save. Any further email sent to that alias will now bounce (sent back to the sender as undeliverable).

To remove an alias

To delete an alias, click Del in the far right of the row. This will cause any email sent to the alias to bounce, but will allow another user to create that alias in the future, unless you own the domain of the alias.