Save and reuse email content using Quick Parts in Outlook 2016

In Outlook 2016, you can save and reuse a block of text that you use frequently with Quick Parts, instead of retyping it each time. Quick Parts can also be edited and deleted.

Create a Quick Part

  1. Select New Email and then type and select the content that you want to store as a reusable building block.

  2. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, select Quick Parts.

  3. Select Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.

  4. In the Create New Building Block box, add the:

    • Name – Type a unique name.

    • Gallery - Select the gallery where you want the building block to show up.

    • Category - Select a category, such as General or Built-In, or create a new category.

    • Description - Type a description of the building block.

    • Save in- Select the name of the template from the drop-down menu.

    • Options

      • Insert in own paragraph - To insert the content in its own paragraph, directly below the cursor point, and place the cursor on the next line.

      • Insert content in its own page -To insert the content into its own page.

      • Insert content only - For all other content.

  5. Select OK.

Use a Quick Part

  1. Open an email, and then select Reply.

  2. Place the cursor where you want to insert a building block.

  3. On the Insert tab, select Quick Parts, and then select the building block you want to use.

Delete a Quick Part

  1. Select New Email message and place the cursor in the body of the email.

  2. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, select Quick Parts.

  3. Right-click on a Quick Part, and then select Organize and Delete.

  4. Select the Quick Part you want to delete, and then select Delete.

  5. Select Yes, and then Close.